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Mission Vespers

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Mission Vespers

Order of service for Lenten Vespers as served on Sunday evenings:

Blessing by priest: Blessed is our God ...*
Come, let us worship ...
    Psalm of introduction (Ps. 103)
    Great Litany
    Lord, I call: 4 octoechos (hymns of compunction, found in triodion); + 3 triodion + 3 saint; glory and now: Theotokion.
    Entrance with censer
O Gladsome Light
    Great Prokeimenon** 
    Evening prayer (Vouchsafe, O Lord)
    Litany of fervent supplication (“Let us complete ...”)
    Aposticha, from the triodion; with the usual weekday verses (stoichoi) between the stichera
    Song of Symeon
    Trisagion prayers
    Lenten troparia:  Rejoice, Virgin Theotokos ...; glory: O Baptist ...; now: Intercede for us, O holy apostles ...; Beneath your compassion ...   (The first three troparia are each accompanied by a prostration; the fourth, by a metania)
    Lord, have mercy (40).   Glory…  now… 
More honorable ...   In the name of the Lord, bless:
    Blessing by priest: Christ our God, the existing ...
    O heavenly King, uphold our rulers ...
    Prayer of St.  Ephrem the Syrian, once with 3 prostrations
Glory to you, O Christ our God ...
Glory to the Father ...  now and ever ...  Lord, have mercy (3) Father, bless!
    (Priest gives dismissal)


*This short opening assumes the 9th hour preceded vespers. If it did not, the full opening is used: after “Amen” the reader continues: Glory to You, our God, glory to You. O Heavenly King ... etc. 

**There are two great prokeimena used during Great Lent. “Turn not away your face…” is used on Cheesefare Sunday and on the 2nd and 4th Sundays.“You have given an inheritance” is used on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Sundays.