Our Parish

Holy Trinity is a fellowship of Orthodox Christians founded in 1928.  The Orthodox Church was founded by the apostles after Our Lord's ascension into heaven.  The teachings of the Church have been passed down by the apostles to us today.  The Orthodox Church as a whole encompasses over 250 million souls worldwide, all still holding on to the truths and traditions as they were received by our fore-bearers.  

We are a small, yet rapidly growing parish that has been undergoing a generational shift over the last few years. We are also a parish where our parish priest still knows everyone by name. Under our onion domes you will find a warm and friendly parish family. Close to half our active adults are converts/Orthodox by Choice. This includes our Priest, Father John; his wife, Suja and our Protodeacon, Father Peter . Feel free to sit, observe, and take it all in. There are service books in the pews where you can follow along with the Liturgy. We welcome all levels of participation.  The doors of Holy Trinity are always open to all, both Orthodox Christians and those inquiring about the faith!