Coffee Hour (Fellowship Hour) is held each Sunday, directly after Liturgy, in the hall (basement) of the Parish.  Coffee hour is hosted weekly by a parish family so please join us for a light meal, snacks and coffee as we visit with one another and our Clergy.

As we are a growing parish, the cost and effort to host a coffee hour may seem difficult so we encourage, when possible, for two or more families to host the meal as it lightens what otherwise might be a burden.  Please feel free to volunteer for Fellowship Hour by signing up using the posted sign-in sheet on the bulletin board.  If you have never hosted a meal, please do not be afraid of asking any fellow parishioner questions as we would all be more than happy to help out as much as we can.  

As a parish family, it is vital that we strengthen our relationship by spending time with one another after service, talking, encouraging, and being there for one another.  


1.  Bring your food and setup in the kitchen.  If food needs to be heated, please let us know so that we may help out in facilitating the process.

2. Assistance with the preparation of coffee can be provided by fellow parishioners.

3. The hosts will lead the clean up effort after Fellowship Hour is over; however, fellow parishioners usually aid in the clean up effort.  


1.  Please feel free to donate supplies as you deem fit.  Items that are always needed are paper towels, plates, coffee, water and assorted drinks.  Your generosity would be much appreciated. 

May God bless your generosity!